Cover Image - A cool wedding on a 42 degree day in Melbourne!
A cool wedding on a 42 degree day in Melbourne!

Bride as cool as a cucumber on her hot, hot wedding day in Melbourne.

The Brighton Savoy in Melbourne is always an excellent choice for a wedding any time of the year.  But, it really paid off on Saturday when the mercury hit 42 degrees.  The options at that Hotel are excellent for a plan B if the weather does what it wants to which is often the case here.

The Bride and Groom Holly and Michael gave the go ahead and the Events Manager Jennifer and myself put plan B into action.  We had the wedding inside in the atrium of the Hotel.  It was a lot cooler than outside and the hotel staff had drinks and canapes at the ready after the service.

Holly looked stunning in her beautiful dress, Michael looked handsome and we even had a little blonde boy ringbearer who did a great job on the day.

Congratuations to Holly and Michael, amazing, beautiful and above all cool wedding!  Enjoy pics.