Cover Image - A fantastic wedding in Lorne!
A fantastic wedding in Lorne!

What a special family wedding in Lorne near the Great Ocean Road.

This was a really special day for the bride and groom.  They got married at one of the most beautiful locations in Victoria, at the Sheok Falls in Lorne. Amongst all the ferns and gum trees.

It had a very special significance for the brides family in particular as they have all holidayed in Lorne as children and their mother holidayed there as a child herself since the 1960's.

This wedding was also significant for me as their celebrant.  We used to holiday with the brides mother and her sister and brother on many occasions at Lorne.  The memories go back a long, long way.

Abby the bride looked so stunning and so very happy.  She was thrilled to get married to her dearest love Mike.  There wedding was so much fun it was just amazing, so much laughter at things Abby and Mike had written.  Everyone loved this wedding.

It was just spectacular in every way!  (have a look at some of the photo's)