Cover Image - A gorgeous winter wedding in Sassafras.
A gorgeous winter wedding in Sassafras.

Stunning Winter Wedding in Sassafras! A winter glow on guests and the bride and groom, Stunning, read more...amazing!

What a beautiful warm glow to this wedding had in in Winter.  Lyrebird Falls was as always at its best.  A big open fire was blazing to warm the guest and the bride and groom as they came in to get married.

The cold weather did not dampen the spirit of the wedding nor its guests.  Lots of rosy, warm, happy faces in the chapel waiting for the bride.

"Emily you looked stunning as your came in with your father.  Your dress was supurb. I heard gasps from Joel and all your guests when they finally saw you.  Joel couldn't take his eyes of you.  Wow.

Stunning Wedding even in Winter!

Take a peak at a few of their photo's of their wedding.  Happy, warm faces all around, especially the bride and groom.  I loved this wedding, wow.

All the best for your future you guys you were amazing, I loved it to.