Cover Image - Bridal Shower - Hens Day - Flowers - DIY
Bridal Shower - Hens Day - Flowers - DIY

Bridal Shower - Hens Day - Flowers - DIY. Emily (my Niece) had her bridal/hens day last weekend! It was fantastic, "the best day of her life" she said. Fabulous example of DIY hints on how to dress a house yourself that wont break the Bank." Bunting, gar

Bridal Shower - Hens Day- Flowers - DIY

Last Saturday, I went to Emily my nieces Bridal Shower - Hens afternoon at Kerry's

her mothers house. It was just fantastic. Just the ladies and girls, friends of Emily's, her brother and partner, all her aunties, the grooms mother, daughters, friends and grandma!

Earlier that day they had gone to a vineyard in the Yarra Valley for lunch at "Meletos Restaurant" where they raved about the food and wine. "Stones" the wedding venue is next door (Fantastc chapel and wedding reception area, vineyards ect.)

The Bridal Shower -Hens afternoon was amazing. My sister had so many fantastic idea's, and went to so much effort. She had bunting on the walls, a garland of roses made (featured) a fantastic front door decoration that she made herself for a few dollars.

Talk about DIY I was very impressed. Emily just loved it and said it was on of the best days of her life!
Have a look at my niece Emily, what a happy, happy bride to be!
Can't wait for her wedding.

(by sister went onto pintrest and typed in "bridal shower decorations front door) DIY is amazing. Take a look ................
Fab. chocolate cake! Yum.