Cover Image - Childhood sweethearts marry at last!
Childhood sweethearts marry at last!

Childhood Sweethearts marry after 40 years! Yes thats right, a few weeks ago in the Dargo Plains I married a couple John and Terri who fell in love all those years ago when they were teenagers.

John was 16 and Terri was 14 years old. They came from that area and used to swim in the Dargo river together and ride their horses in the bush. They had their first kiss near the Dargo River.
Then, life went in different directions, and they lost touch for about 34 years. Then through good luck and relatives of John intervening he and Terri got on the phone and now the rest is History.
Lots of warmth, love and plenty of happy tears at this wedding.
What a beautiful place in Victoria Australia Dargo is, what a lovely place to get married down by the river where they had such fun all those years ago.

Amazing, story, amazing couple. Cheers Terri and John. (great photo's)Barbara Beames Wedding Celebrant Melbourne