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“A relaxed, warm, bubbly celebrant who does the most amazing personal weddings. Perfect!”

My name is Barbara Beames I am an experienced, relaxed and easy to talk to civil wedding celebrant. What joy you must feel now getting married especially after the difficult times we have all experienced. Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of your life, so I take great care working with all my couples to create the wedding of your dreams.

I really listen to what my couples are looking for. Some couples may want something low key, simple and relaxed, others may want something a little more elaborate. The choice is yours, I will consult with you and show you the many choices that are available to you to make your wedding exactly what you want.

Your wedding will be about you as a couple and the love you have for each other.

All my weddings are individually written, they are all personal, they are all unique to each couple and they are all different.

My service includes a rehearsal, where possible at the venue where you are getting married and ongoing contact with me via email and phone to assist in making your special day perfect.

I take care of all the legalities and wedding documents so you and your fiancee can relax and enjoy the thrill of getting married.

We can plan your wedding together step my step.

Remember, “Each wedding is unique, each wedding is personal and each wedding has its own special magic.”

I would be delighted to assist you to create some of these beautiful memories.

Barbara is also affiliated with the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants and is a proud supporter of Marriage Equality.


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“Barbara is a proud supporter of Marriage Equality.”

My name is Barbara Beames, I am a very experienced, easy to talk to celebrant. Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and important days of your lives so I take great care working with you both to create the ceremony of your dreams.

I have done over 50 wonderful same sex weddings, some have been at the beach, others at a restaurant or a lovely venue, others at the couples home. I make sure that your ceremony has the warmth and atmosphere that you both are looking for. There have been many unique touches that other couples have requested that I have been delighted to include.

Your service is about you as a couple and the love that you share together. I will listen to you both when you share with me what has been your unique and special love story. I will endeavour to capture that special spark and weave it into your service. All my ceremonies are unique and individually written by me. I will delight in making your service just gorgeous. There are many choices I can offer you to make your ceremony exactly what you want. The choice if yours.

My service will include a rehearsal if possible at the venue of your choice. The rehearsal can be a lot of fun where we all meet and get to know each other before the special day.

I always arrive early before any ceremony, usually about half an hour. I take this opportunity to speak to your guests to make them feel at home and relaxed before the service.

On your wedding day, after the service you will be presented with a lovely hand written certificate signed by you both, your witnesses and me.

Remember, “Each service is unique, each service is personal and each service has its own special magic.”

I would be delighted to assist you to create some of these beautiful memories. 



“A Naming day is a joyous occasion when you can officially welcome your baby into the world!”

It is a very exciting time now that your baby has arrived safely into the world.  Especially after the difficult times that we have been through.

“Naming Days” are a popular, lovely gentle way for parents, siblings and other family and friends to welcome your child into the community, they are beautiful civil ceremonies, non religious.

This special warm and loving ceremony can be held where ever you wish. It can be at a local park, garden, a venue of your choice or sometimes people decide to have them at home. The choice is entirely yours. I attend at your selected venue and present your approved lovely service to you, your baby and your guests.

If you wish, you can choose to have godparents or guardians to take a special role on the day. They can be selected from your closest family or friends. This is a very special role for them as they can play or continue to play an important part in your child’s life for years to come.

There are many interesting little touches I can discuss with you to weave throughout the ceremony to make it unique and just gorgeous.

Some of these special touches can be things like “the wishing tree” or “bubbles” or “rose petals.”

I have a selection of beautiful simple words of love, joy and beauty that I can offer you as part of the ceremony. You and your guests will just love being involved in such a beautiful ceremony to welcome your baby into your family.

I would be delighted to create some beautiful memories for you. Give me a call or email me,

Warmest Regards
Barbara Beames Celebrant.


“If you are reading this page, you may be considering renewing your Wedding Vows.”

If you are reading this page, you may be considering renewing your Wedding Vows.

This can be a lovely way for you as a couple to re-experience your love for each other with a beautifully designed renewal of vows ceremony. How exciting!  I renewed my wedding vows in Queensland on a beautiful beach some years ago, it was a lot of fun.

At this ceremony amongst your choice of family, friends and guests you are free to express all the special feelings you have for one another, feelings that have remained steadfast over the years. Feelings of commitment that have stood the test of time.

Like my weddings, the renewal of vows ceremonies are all individually designed and written by me with you the couple in mind. I have a lovely selection of beautiful words of love, friendship and joy that I can offer you as part of the ceremony.

Your ceremony with be warm, relaxed and personal, it will be all about you as a couple and your journey together.

You will be presented with a gorgeous Renewal of Vows Certificate hand written by me and signed by yourselves and any other witnesses you wish to be involved.

I would be delighted to create some beautiful memories for you. Give me a call or email me,

Warmest regards
Barbara Beames Celebrant.